Muenster Freeze-Dried Pork Bites Dog Treats

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This recipe is packed full of USA-Raised Pork, nutrient dense organ meats, goats milk & organic minerals. Your dogs will absolutely LOVE the taste of this whether it’s fed as a complete meal, topper or treat. Every time you add this to your dogs bowl, you’re reducing the carbohydrate load on their digestive system.

How is it made?

We removed the moisture from this raw meaty goodness while the Freeze-Dryers were set to negative 60! Our goal is to pull out one thing, and one thing only…..WATER! The protein, fat & nutrients stay in, creating one very healthy and tasty food, full of bioavailable nutrients and vitamins that are derived from organ meats & organic amino acids. WIthout a doubt, the most gentle process frozen raw meat goes throught to become shelf-stable!

Key Benefits

  • USA-raised pork
  • Organic Minerals
  • Probiotics