Q:  What animals do you cater to?

A: Dogs & Cats

Q: Do I need to bring any paper work for my dog if I’m going to bathe them?

A: No, all we require is that your dog be on a leash upon entering and any time not in the tub.

Q: Is there a time limit on the washes? 

A: No, however on busier days, we may have to implement one.  It’s never happened to date!

Q: Do any of your products contain by-product?

A: NO NO a thousand times NO!

Q: Do I need to make an appointment for the washes or do I just walk in?

A: It’s based off of walk in only, no appointments.  We have 4 tub areas so more than likely you’ll get a tub upon entry every time.  The tubs close an hour before the store though, so make sure you’re there on time.

Q: Do you accept Apple/Google Pay?  

A: Yes!  We also accept AMEX and all major credit cards.