Hi!  We are Mike & Lauren, a family-owned, husband & wife team who have a tremendous amount of passion for animals.  When Mike & I opened our doors in July 2013, we had a vision to be there for our local community in a way that we knew the box stores couldn't provide.  We strive for that personal connection & report with you so that you can ask us anything without feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, you name it.  We take the health, happiness & overall well-being of your pets very seriously, which is why we are always staying up to date with what's new, what works, what doesn't, all while take a completely natural approach.  There is not 1 cure-all food which is why it's important for us to ask you questions and get you pointed in the right direction.


In our "little" family we have 3 dogs (Chewy, Sparky & Zeus), 1 cat (Addison aka Addi), & 2 human rugrats (MJ & Declan).  All 6 keep us on our toes, but with all 4 of our fur babies being rescues, they've really taught us the ins and outs of pets dealing with allergies, ailments, finicky, weight issues, anxiety, hip problems, digestive issues and the list goes on and on.  

We invite you to come check out our store if you haven't already!  I have a good feeling you won't be disappointed!